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About Massachusetts Freedom Fighters

Massachusetts Freedom Fighters Is Launching

Giving Ordinary Americans A Voice Again


There’s something happening in American politics, and our home state Massachusetts is not immune. Ordinary people are speaking out. They’re tired of always getting the short end of the stick and are no longer willing to sit idly by while their supposed “betters” get richer, and their own children’s futures become bleaker. Freedom Fighters is being launched to give these everyday Massachusetts residents a way to participate in the political process.


Our current political structure has failed in its most basic mission of giving people a voice in how their government operates. The combination of elite Democrats and “go along to get along” Republicans have run the Commonwealth for their benefit, not ours. The same problem exists on the national level.


The desolate political landscape looks something like this:


• Grassroots conservatives have been abandoned by Republican power-brokers, as state spending continues to spiral out of control.


• Pro-life voters have been abandoned.  The fundamental right to life for our most vulnerable has been forsaken and replaced with the legalization of infanticide. 


•Gun owners have been abandoned and subject to demonization for exercising their Second Amendment rights.



• Parents who want their children protected in school systems from explicit indoctrination that upends their deeply-held values or religious beliefs have been abandoned at every level, from the State House to the School Committees.


Whether conservative suburban Republicans or traditional blue-collar Democrats in places like Worcester, Dorchester, and Lowell, voters across the state have seen their ancestral political homes handed over to radical woke leftists or uncaring bureaucrats. In the meantime, they watch their own incomes stagnate as their cost-of-living skyrockets.


Although they have differences, these voters share two significant things in common. The first thing they have in common is that they are despised by the political class from Beacon Hill to Washington D.C.


The second thing they share is their enthusiasm for the leadership of President Donald J. Trump.  There’s a reason that even left-wing corporate media outlets no longer try and deny President Trump’s strong position in the polls as we move toward the general election on November 5. That reason is simple—President Trump is gathering the support of those whom the political elites in both parties have abandoned.


This is a good start, but it's just that—a start.  


The end goal is nothing less than a new political coalition that will displace an out-of-touch, arrogant governing class and replace with it a government that is truly “of the people.”


When President Trump accepted his first Republican presidential nomination in 2016, he went to the podium and told the forgotten men and women, “I will be your voice.” What President Trump did for America, Freedom Fighters is here to do for Massachusetts. And together, we will make sure that our beloved Commonwealth is once again a beacon of freedom.


If you’re one of those abandoned voters, we have a simple message—reach out. There are more like you than you realize. And once we’ve organized, we will show that there are more of us than anyone - especially the political class - realizes.

Meet the Founders

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Bernadette and Jim Lyons

Bio coming soon

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